Call me Dane

Dane MacDonald and daughter Sacha

Dane MacDonald and daughter Sacha

It was a bright, sunny afternoon in late August. We, at McGill University’s DU (Delta Upsilon), never locked the front door.

This huge guy walked in just as I was passing by. Hey man, what’s your name? My name is Dave, he said in his deep voice, but you can call me Dane.

Turns out Dane’s dad was a DU many, many years before and had recommended the frat to his son.

Dane was an instant hit with everybody. He became a «brother» and a great friend. We rocked in the Montreal bars and spent nights until sunrise talking about life, politics, economics, art, women.

Then he fell in love with Charline, and there was beautiful Sacha. Trish and I would hold her in our arms, and her mom and dad were so proud.

Dane just «moved on» in Calgary. Rest in peace my friend.

(There is) «Nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be».

All You Need Is Love


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