Cendrine Browne, olympienne!

Cendrine Browne réalise son rêve de participer aux Jeux olympiques. C’est un moment émouvant dans la carrière d’un(e) athlète qui voit récompensés ses efforts et tous ses sacrifices.

Ce petit diaporama a été réalisé avec une pensée pour ceux et celles qui ont travaillé tout aussi fort et dont le rêve demeure entier… pour l’instant./

Cendrine Browne is fulfilling her dream to represent Canada at the Olympics. It’s an emotional moment for any athlete who sees all the efforts and sacrifices rewarded.

With a thought for all those who have worked just as hard and whose dream remain whole… for now.

The Final Cut

Voici un dernier diaporama sur les sélections 2018 de Ski de fond Canada au MSA. Aux athlètes, bonne chance aux JO et aux mondiaux.

Here is the last slide show on Cross Country Canada’s 2018 Selections at MSA. The Final Cut! Good luck to all at the Olympics and the World Championships.

Pic du Jour

Zina Kocher (photo: pierre shanks)

Zina Kocher (photo: pierre shanks)

Behind those eyes, a thought for Rich Boruta.

Zina Kocher, one of Canada’s top biathletes for years, came out of retirement in tribute to Rich Boruta, her long time biathlon coach who died tragically in a climbing accident at the age of 49. He was urging her to try to qualify for the 2018 Olympics in xc-skiing.

Zina finished 7th in the skiathlon Monday, virtually ending her chances to do so. Inside  her head, somewhere, his characteristic Czech voice was resounding…


Both of them.

Gareth Williams is headed to the Worlds!

Gareth Williams, no 178 (photo: Michel Bolduc)

Gareth Williams, no 178 (photo: Michel Bolduc)

Gareth Williams’ reaction after his top U23 place in Monday’s skiathlon, that is sending him to the World Jr/U23 Championships:

“I can say that I am obviously very excited about how today unfolded. The pace from the start was not terribly fast, but there were surges when new people came to the front. I tried to conserve as much energy as possible in the classic portion but I also did not want to fall very far back from the lead pack.
“After the exchange I knew I was in a good position so my strategy remained the same, just stick with the race leaders as long as possible. Again, I did not put in too much work to control the pace, rather I just waited to see what the others would do.
“I knew that everyone was tired going into the last lap, so I decided to go with the final pace of the leaders but sadly my sprint wasn’t where I hoped it to be for the final meters of the race. Overall, still a very good day for me. I was worried about the shape coming into the event but now I can confident moving forward.”
Gareth Williams, Knute Johnsgaard & Graham Nishikawa (photo: cccski)

Gareth Williams, Knute Johnsgaard & Graham Nishikawa (photo: cccski)

Léo Grandbois: Highway Star

Léo Grandbois (photo: pierre shanks)

Léo Grandbois (photo: pierre shanks)

Shooting Star would have been an obvious title. But Deep Purple’s classic hit is more appropriate for Léo Grandbois, one of Biathlon Canada’s most promising athletes, and his “race it to the ground” personality.

We were told about Léo a while back. The Youth Biathlon World Championships were approaching and Léo, a rugged 17 yo  from Sherbrooke, QC (6′-180 lb), had just won some home races. Confidence reigned in the Canadian clan.

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Utah: Who is qualified yet for the Worlds

India MacIsaac-Jones (photo: xcountryab.net)

India MacIsaac-Jones (photo: xcountryab.net)

It’s not exactly obvious to find its way through CCC’s World Championships selection process in the ongoing US Nationals in Utah.

As we know, those US Nationals are used as the Canadian World Junior/U23 and Senior Championship trials.

The criterias make so that final decisions won’t be made before the last races on Thursday.

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Maya MacIsaac-Jones: On Track To Come Back

Maya MacIsaac Jones (photo: Martin Kaiser)

Maya MacIsaac Jones (photo: Martin Kaiser)

Maya MacIsaac-Jones had her plan all laid out. Hard training throughout the summer, some of it at National Ski Team camps, and then Europe for the World Cup season as part of CCC’s U25 National Team.

It was going to be her first full time stint as a World Cup athlete, competing with the best of the best. She was boiling with excitement.

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Slide Show NorAm Cup 2016 at MSA

Ski de fond Mont-Sainte-Anne Cross-country skiing

Ski de fond Mont-Sainte-Anne Cross Country Skiing (photo: pierre shanks)

The new skiing season is here and this one promises to be exciting. There is of course Alex and Devon and Lenny. Ivan “Babs” Babikov has gone into retirement and is now a coach with the national team.

Most exciting will be to see how the up and coming athletes are progressing. The summer training has been productive and most of them are in great form.

To launch the season, Skiplus is presenting a slide show on the Haywood NorAm Cup at Mont-Ste-Anne last January. It’s our first audio/video production and a very humble one.

To all the athletes, coaches, support staff and parents, have a great season. Let’s get psyched!