Maya MacIsaac-Jones: Reason to Believe

The picture below shows what a top athlete looks like after a supreme effort. Moments before, Maya MacIsaac-Jones was helped up back on her feet after winning the junior sprint at the World Jr Championships selections in Duntroon, Ontario.

Maya MacIsaac-Jones

Maya MacIsaac-Jones, exhausted after her victory

«I felt tired during my qualifier today but by the time I got to my semi-final and final I was feeling great, said Maya after the race.

«I was surprised at how the final ended up playing out. I just went as hard as I could from the start and managed to keep the lead. The great skis from my coaches for the heats were a huge help too.

«I have been working really hard towards this so it is great to see all that work pay off!»

The win qualifies Maya for the World Jr Championships in Kazakhstan.

And yes, there is reason to believe.



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