Northug: Despised Champion ?

No inflammatory comment this time. We’ll just let his teammates do the talking.

Sundby, the best skier in the world right now, has called him a coward.

No more respect either from Didrik Tønseth, another Norwegian teammate, his latest “victim” on Sunday.

Of course, less surprisingly since they are opponents, Northug had already lost the respect of skiers from all over, Sweden, Russia…


Here (check the body language and Northug’s reaction in the Sunby interview):



When even your teammates turn their back on you…

Northug is a great skier. He could have been The Greatest.

Didrik Tønseth

Didrik Tønseth said he did not speak with Petter Northug before the race on Sunday, and had no intention of speaking with him after the race. (photo: Facebook)



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