Slide Show NorAm Cup 2016 at MSA

Ski de fond Mont-Sainte-Anne Cross-country skiing

Ski de fond Mont-Sainte-Anne Cross Country Skiing (photo: pierre shanks)

The new skiing season is here and this one promises to be exciting. There is of course Alex and Devon and Lenny. Ivan “Babs” Babikov has gone into retirement and is now a coach with the national team.

Most exciting will be to see how the up and coming athletes are progressing. The summer training has been productive and most of them are in great form.

To launch the season, Skiplus is presenting a slide show on the Haywood NorAm Cup at Mont-Ste-Anne last January. It’s our first audio/video production and a very humble one.

To all the athletes, coaches, support staff and parents, have a great season. Let’s get psyched!


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