In the Christmas Stocking 

Raphaël Grosset (à gauche complètement)

Raphaël Grosset (left)

We were messaging with French waxing expert Raphaël Grosset, Biathlon Canada’s Head Technician. Raphaël is from Bessans, a small village in ski heaven Savoie. He was competing alongside Simon Fourcade as a junior and now, he coordinates a small team that prepares rockets for Canadian athletes on the World Cup and the IBU Cup.

So tell me, the French have the biggest waxing truck in IBU WC, everybody looks up to them and you, you work with one of the lowest budget teams??!!

“I think it’s completely different to work for Biathlon Canada rather than one of the big teams. Our athletes have to fight to find funds, they don’t have a lot of resources and it makes us want to help them perform…

“This team is like a small family who fights to survive in the midst of people who have a lot more means and that brings that much more value to ​​their results.”

The best things is life aren’t things.



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