Financing athletes? What for?

Becki Scott

Becki Scott at Beacon Heights Elementary School on Wednedsay

Soooo, you’re being asked these days to help Cross Country Canada’s development athletes.

There is much more to this than just a feel good gesture towards young athletes.

Thanks to our CBC colleagues in Edmonton, we were able to produce a small video of Beckie Scott’s visit Wednesday in a school in Edmonton.

Take 2’34” of your precious time and watch it carefully. At some point, you’ll see a young girl coming up to Beckie, her eyes big like this, telling her how excited she is to meet her. This young girl had never skied yet in her (young) life, but she knew Beckie. She was told about the great Beckie Scott.

Of course, Beckie was the first Canadian x-c skier to ever win an Olympic medal (she won two overall), but more than her greatness on skis, Beckie Scott has become a model for young Canadians. Today she dedicates a lot of her time to kids, encouraging them to live a healthy life.

She has shown the way to many others, like Chandra Crawford, who does the same through her Fast & Female program.

In making your contribution, you, of the canadian x-c ski community, are helping to build a country the way you would like it to be, and you are making the Alysson Mashall’s and other Jesse Cockney’s of today the role models for the next generation.

What type of country do you want? The answer is in the donation link just below…


  • All donations over $25 will receive a charitable donation tax receipt. Donations of $250 and greater will receive a handwritten thank you from an athlete that has benefitted from the fund.
  • To make a donation :

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